Global Muslim Bloc Launches War On Free Speech In West

IBD Editorial 12/23/2013

Islamofascism: An influential bloc of 57 Muslim countries demands that the West make it an international crime to criticize Islam. Then stop making it such an easy target.

In its 94-page document on “Islamophobia,” the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation lists as potential felonies: expressing “ideas that Muslims are inclined to […]

Jordan: “They will not tolerate the king any longer….

…It is too late for him to make any reforms”

SheikYerMami Winds of Jihad 11/24/2012

Has the US Administration Decided to Get Rid of Jordan’s King Abdullah?

Unless the US clarifies its position regarding King Abdullah and reiterates its full backing for his regime, the Muslim fundamentalists are likely to step up their efforts to […]

“It’s just wrong to judge other cultures.”

Blazing Cat Fur 11/30/2011

Bibi Aisha, Afghanistan. Photo: Jodi Bieber. Click on the image to enlarge

Moments of Startling Clarity Moral education programming in Ontario today by Dr. Stephen L. Anderson

…”…The picture is horrific. Aisha’s beautiful eyes stare hauntingly back at you above the mangled hole that was once her […]

WaPo’s E.J. Dionne Jr: ‘Time to leave 9/11 behind’

9/11 Amateur Footage Collection

DMartyr The Jawa Report 9/9/2011

In one respect, the terrorists won a major victory on 9/11. Not only did they kill over 3000 innocent people on that day, they continue to inflict pain upon all decent humans even 10 years later.

This is very difficult to watch. Try if you can, […]