U.S. State Department Considers Israel ‘Unacceptable’?

Kerry Jackson Editorials Investors.com 12/30/2014

What does the State Department really think about Israel? One journalist thinks the administration’s diplomatic corps ranks Israel right up there — or down there, really — with North Korea and Pakistan.

Enterprising writer Micah Zenko found that the State Department placed the Jewish state between those nations in references […]

Obama wants to put sanctions on Israel? Congress is fighting back

Noah Rothman Hot Air 12/5/2014

…It is unclear if the administration’s outlook on this issue has changed in the wake of the dissolution of Netanyahu’s Cabinet, which indicates that new national elections will be forthcoming. But members of Congress are not waiting around to learn if the administration’s thinking has evolved on the prospect of […]

White House rejects Netanyahu’s criticism with withering response

Steve Holland Reuters 10/6/2014

The White House rejected criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a withering response on Monday, accusing him of refusing to acknowledge how much help the United States has been to Israel over the years.

Long-time strained relations between President Barack Obama and Netanyahu appeared to widen further after the […]

Netanyahu ‘Baffled’ By Obama’s Settlement Criticism

The Washington Free Beacon 10/5/2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was “baffled” by President Obama’s assertion that if Israel goes forward with new settlements in East Jerusalem, it risks condemnation from its closest ally, the United States.

“I was baffled by this statement, because it doesn’t reflect American values,” Netanyahu told CBS’s Bob […]

Obama Sees Israel as Responsible for Peace Talks Failing

Senior official in Washington says President Obama thinks Israeli “settlement construction” caused peace talks to fail.

Elad Benari Israel National News 5/16/2014

U.S. President Barack Obama sees Israel as being responsible for the failure of the recent peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to a senior official in Washington who was quoted by […]

Obama’s Ominous Warning to Israel if It Doesn’t Reach a Peace Deal

Sharona Schwartz The Blaze 3/3/2014

President Barack Obama is warning Israel of a bleak future characterized by international isolation and less security should Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not agree to a U.S.-proposed framework peace agreement.

Speaking to Bloomberg View’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama suggested that time was running out for Israel to agree to a deal […]