New Audio of Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown Could Lose Him the Election

“…there is ‘no chance it [Obamacare] will be repealed even if Romney wins; too many of us in the Senate will fight too hard to stop it because it’s the right thing to do…It’s the most important vote I’ve ever cast and it’s the best vote I’ve ever cast.’ ”

~Senator […]

The Soros plan to topple Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s sharp exchange with Obama in May motivated even Democrats who weren’t in Soros’ vest pocket to find a way to force him out of office. It was no longer just fear of losing the Israeli left as their hand puppet– the American Jewish vote was in play. Replacing Netanyahu with a lefty […]

Only connect…

Melanie Phillips The Spectator 28th September 2010

The great Eli Lake has now shown that the J-Street lobby group, which despite its claims to be pro-Israel in fact works against its every interest, has secretly received funding from the billionaire financier George Soros, who funds a slew of organisations which are in the business […]

The Soros-J Street plot thickens

The Soros Plot Thickens

Jonathon M. Seidl The Blaze 9/26/2010

On Friday we brought you the story of how the liberal Jewish group J Street owned up to funding from political activist George Soros.

The Atlantic’s Chris Good has a good follow up on the story. In short, the half-truths and wordsmithing continue. In the […]

Soros revealed as funder of liberal Jewish-American lobby

Eli Lake The Washington Times 9/24/2010

The Jewish-American advocacy group J Street, which bills itself as the dovish alternative to the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby, has secretly received funding from billionaire George Soros despite previous denials that it accepted funds from the Hungarian-born financier and liberal political activist.

Tax forms […]