The Power to Destroy: Smoking Gun in IRS Political Targeting

Leftist group paid to review right

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 2/10/2014

WASHINGTON – Though President Obama insists the Internal Revenue Service is not guilty of political targeting of nonprofits, WND has learned the agency contracts with an avowedly “progressive” organization supported by George Soros to process data filed by smaller tax-exempt groups.

The federal agency process […]

Obama considering Gorelick to lead FBI?

Incompetent failure being considered for FBI’s top job?

Glenn Beck 3/24/2011

Who is on President Obama’s shortlist to lead the FBI? Jamie Gorelick, who installed the wall of separation between the FBI and the CIA in regards to sharing information. Glenn had the story on radio.

“Guess who is going to be ‑‑ who they’re […]