UN Ambassador Samantha Power Praises Jane Fonda

William Bigelow Breitbart.com Big Government 7 Nov 2013

On Wednesday, Samantha Power, the new US ambassador to the UN, decided she had license to insult Vietnam veterans by claiming it was a cheap generic viagra “huge honor” just to share the stage with Jane Fonda. Power was speaking at the United Nations Association of the […]

Jane Fonda's New Regret: 'Sitting on That Gun in North Vietnam'

John Nolte Breitbart.com Big Hollywood 19 Nov 2012

Having reached her mid-seventies, Oscar-winner Jane Fonda is now in that phase of her career where she’s celebrated with all kinds of “achievement awards.” Last night at the L.A. Press Club gala honoring her, Fonda revealed that her biggest regret in life is no longer not “f***ing” […]

You can’t have it both ways

Kevin Jackson via Open for Laughs newsletter 2012 Week 11 3/11/2012 (subscribe at The Black Sphere)

This is our Sandra Fluke edition, dedicated to the Liberal liar, who was a Democrat operative passing herself off as a “coed.” Limbaugh has the Left in a tizzy, and that is unfortunately taking the focus off just […]

The AFL-CIO’s Revolutionary Activist

Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media 10/19/2011

The AFL-CIO is making headlines by running ads promoting “Occupy Wall Street.” One seriously doubts that members of the working class have much in common with the left-wing professional agitators running these protests and the tent cities they are erecting illegally in private and public parks in New York, […]