Andy Stern’s Ex Slams UAW’s King Over South Korean Sell Out

But we will fight them. Because this is a terrible, terrible deal for America, at a time when unemployment is soaring and the White House has zero plans for creating jobs — unless you’re in the international bank looting business. Everyone involved should be deeply, deeply ashamed of their participation in this, and […]

Will Blue Dogs Risk Their Seats To Pass Healthcare?

by: Jane Hamsher FireDogLake Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Many have asked if the progressives in the House will stick together and keep the health care bill from passing if it has mandates but no public option.

My answer is: it depends.

There are probably 8-12 who would like to, but nobody wants to be […]

10 Reasons to Kill the Senate Bill

by Jane Hamsher FireDogLake December 21, 2009

FDL has become the go-to place for coverage of the health care bill due to the work of our incredible team. Jon Walker’s second-to-none knowledge of the health care bill has made the policy and political analysis he offers up at FDL Action a driving force. Dave Dayen’s […]

The Best Christmas Present Ever: Senator DeMint Objects to the Appointment of the Conferees

Posted by Dan Perrin December 24, 2009

When Senator DeMint engineered, and Republican Leader McConnell actually objected to the appointment of the conferees, he was really handing the ball off to the left wingers — progressives if you will — and now they have their shot to either hold their own clan members who […]