Obama Fishing Czar Divides Democrats

Why John Kerry and Barney Frank are lining up against the administration’s “catch share” policy

Ira Stoll Reason Magazine 10/24/2011

The next battle over President Obama’s job-killing regulations may take place on the Atlantic Coast, where fishermen, and the senators and congressmen who represent them, are voicing mounting frustration at the Obama administration’s “catch-share” rules […]

Wealth, Jobs, the Fishing Industry, and Obama

Mike Johnson American Thinker 7/2/2010

The New England fishing industry is in serious trouble. Fishermen are leaving, giving up on their jobs. Fishing boats have become a glut on the market. The only aspect of the industry that is flourishing is the government bureaucracy. The free-market system no longer applies in the age of Obama.


ABC News: New Federal Climate Change Agency Forming

Obama administration to set up new agency to study, monitor climate change

Randolph E. Schmid ABC News February 8, 2010

The Obama administration on Monday proposed a new agency to study and report on the changing climate.

Also known as global warming, climate change has drawn widespread concern in recent years as temperatures around the […]