Friend of Bill Ayers, cop-killing fugitive Joanne Chesimard (‘Assata Shakur’), placed on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list

Michelle Malkin 5/2/2013

Left-wing terrorism? Nothing to see hear, move along…


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Update: Ros-Lehtinen: Naming Chesimard a Most Wanted Terrorist […]

Giuliani BLASTS Obama’s hurricane response as disgraceful

Where the hell are the generators and the bottled water?

The Right Scoop 11/5/2012

Rudy Giuliani, who knows a little something about disaster recovery and emergency response, says that if George W. Bush was doing what our campaigner-in-chief is doing while people don’t have water and generators nearly a week after the hurricane, the media […]

The President’s Week…in Pictures

Though not necessarily in chronological order…

19 September 2012

U.S. officials clarify administration description of two heroes in Libya attack

The Obama administration’s initial account of the Libyan consulate attack didn’t give the full story about two ex-Navy SEALs who helped repel the security breach until they were killed. Now officials are confirming those two […]