Major Garrett Asks Why Anyone Should Watch Obama’s ISIS Speech

Derek Hunter The Daily Caller 9/10/2014

Given what we know of President Obama’s speech tonight, Major Garrett of CBS News asks White House Spokesmodel Josh Earnest the $64,000 question — Why should anyone bother to watch?

Garrett lays out all the bullet points the President will deliver tonight — no boots on the ground, no […]

Greta: 'Obama Administration Tried Very Hard to Discourage Fox News From Reporting Benghazi'

In 20 plus years, I have never received a call to try and shut down a colleague – not that I even could – this was a first.



Noel Sheppard Newsbusters 1/17/2014

For well over a year, NewsBusters has been reporting how the Obama-loving media have done everything in their power […]

Harry Reid to senators: No Libya panel

Seung Min Kim Politico 11/16/2012

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t make it clear enough to Republicans that he opposes a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks, he said it again Friday: No way.

In letters to key Republican senators, Reid put his foot down — again — on the idea of a […]

Classified docs found in Broadwell's home; Obama acts tough at presser; Petraeus will give Benghazi testimony behind closed doors

Classified docs found in Petraeus mistress Broadwell’s home; Admits she took from ‘secure’ government buildings

Twitchy 11/14/2012


As Twitchy reported, the FBI went into Paula Broadwell’s home on Monday night. Evidently, with good reason. Classified documents were found on Broadwell’s computer earlier. How about in her home?

…Classified documents were found in her home […]

CBS under fire for withholding Obama's Benghazi remarks

“The thing that is most egregious about CBS is that they edited out the part of the interview that would have undermined [Barack Obama] after the second debate.”

~Newt Gingrich


Dylan Byers and MacKenzie Weinger Politico 11/5/2012

CBS News is continuing to draw fire for withholding footage of a Sept. […]

'This is probably the biggest cover-up in American history – and you’re talking to an expert in cover-ups..'

DaTechGuy 11/2/2012


Sen Fred Thompson was minority counsel during the Watergate Hearings, who asked the famous question concerning the recording system in the White House so he knows from cover ups:

BLUE ASH, Ohio – Former Sen. Fred Thompson today said he was “totally disgusted” by the Obama administration’s handling of the Libya […]