Gen. John Allen announces retirement from military to address family health issues

A statement from President Obama attributed his resignation to ‘health issues within his family.’ Allen was cleared of wrongdoing in a probe into his emails with Tampa Bay socialite Jill Kelley.

Kristen A. Lee The New York Daily News 2/19/2013

Gen. John Allen, who was in line to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, […]

David Petraeus was brought down after betrayal by vengeful CIA agents and his own bodyguards who made sure his affair was exposed, claims new book

Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, and Jack Murphy, a former Green Beret, reveal the new claims in their book ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’ Petraeus was humiliated after a ‘palace coup’ by high-level intelligence officers who did not like the way he was running the CIA, authors say The book also claims that Petraeus […]

Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy: The Frontline Battle

David Horowitz TV Blip TV 11/20/2012

David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2012 at the Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida. November 15th – 18th.

CAJ note: Shortly after we posted the video from Blip TV it became unavailable. Thanks to YouTube we have found replacement videos. Unfortunately, at this writing, we have not yet located video of Frank […]

Petraeus retains super Washington lawyer Barnett amid potential probes 11/18/2012

Former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair, has retained powerful lawyer Robert Barnett of the Washington-based Williams & Connolly law firm.

Barnett specializes in crisis management and has represented some of the most powerful political figures in the country, including President Obama; former Presidents Bill Clinton and […]

David Petraeus affair: Florida twins courted generals and racked up millions in debt

Twin Florida socialites Jill Kelley and Natalie Khawam have emerged at the centre of the David Petraeus affair. Jon Swaine investigates their high-rolling lifestyles and access to America’s elite.


Left to right: Jill Kelley’s twin sister Natalie, David Petraeus, Jill Kelley’s husband Scott, Jill Kelley, David Petraeus’s wife Holly.



Jon […]

Classified docs found in Broadwell's home; Obama acts tough at presser; Petraeus will give Benghazi testimony behind closed doors

Classified docs found in Petraeus mistress Broadwell’s home; Admits she took from ‘secure’ government buildings

Twitchy 11/14/2012


As Twitchy reported, the FBI went into Paula Broadwell’s home on Monday night. Evidently, with good reason. Classified documents were found on Broadwell’s computer earlier. How about in her home?

…Classified documents were found in her home […]