Obama And Sharpton Met Secretly With Ferguson Protestors And Had This Message

“A number of the high-profile protesters met secretly with President Obama…”

Norvell Rose Western Journalism 11/17/2014

Tensions in and around the troubled town of Ferguson, Missouri, are rising sharply in anticipation of the release any day now of the grand jury report on the police shooting that left Michael Brown dead of multiple gunshot wounds… […]

Police officer who shot Michael Brown did NOT suffer a broken eye socket but he did go to hospital with a swollen face after deadly altercation. Updated.

Officer Darren Wilson did not suffer a broken eye socket as a result of his deadly confrontation, according to latest reports On Tuesday it was reported that he had suffered an ‘orbital blowout fracture’ The officer was taken to a hospital with a badly swollen face following the shooting on August 9, but x-rays […]

13 Democrats Charged With Embezzling $16 Million In Federal Grants For AIDS Charities And Other Needy Programs! Rev. Wright Daughter Among Those Charged

Guest Blogger The Gateway Pundit 9/9/2013

Daughter of Reverend “God Damn America” Wright and 12 other Democrats are charged with embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and needy.

More than one of the defendants has direct ties to President Barack Obama. […]

Breitbart News Comes To Gateway Pundit! – ‘Jim Hoft Is Our Hero’

Andrea Ryan The Gateway Pundit 8/30/2013

…From the outpouring of prayers and kind words this past week, we have discovered how loved Jim Hoft is. He is, also, highly respected, and sorely missed in the Conservative community. Jim’s absence has reminded us all of how important, influential, and ground breaking his work is. One man […]

Glenn Beck talks about today’s two rallies in DC

Glenn Beck 6/19/2013

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn talked with Stu about his experience in D.C.:

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There’s more video, a slide presentation, and the transcript of Glenn’s remarks at GlennBeck.com


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Jim Hoft posted several items to The Gateway Pundit today. Here’s one: Massive […]

Communist Party USA celebrates Obama's re-election

Joe Newby Elections Examiner 11/9/2012

The Communist Party USA is celebrating Barack Obama’s re-election victory, according to two reports published since Tuesday.

Trevor Loudon wrote Thursday that Sam Webb, leader of the Communist Party USA, “hailed the election of Party ‘friend’ Barack Obama, as the ‘dawn of a new era.’”

“The Party is cock-a-hoop over […]