Walker administration asks Supreme Court to vacate Sumi TRO

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 4/8/2011

In the wake of David Prosser’s surprise leap into a substantial lead in yesterday’s canvass of Wisconsin votes, the Department of Administration filed an emergency request at the state Supreme Court to vacate a temporary restraining order on the new law at the center of the election fight. SDA Secretary Mike […]

Prosser Now Up 7,000+ Votes After Error Is Corrected

Stephen F. Hayes The Weekly Standard 4/7/2011

Supreme Court justice David Prosser has picked up more than 7,381 votes in Waukesha County, a conservative county outside of Milwaukee, as part of the statewide canvass following the election for Supreme Court on Tuesday. The total gives Prosser a comfortable lead as the canvass continues Friday.

The […]

Is anyone surprised the WI election appears to have been riddled with voter fraud?

7 April 2011

I mean…really? It’s Progressive-Union-Communist-Socialist Wisconsin. If you live in one of these very liberal states yourself, you know exactly what to expect, unfortunately. It’s not unimaginable to us that bags of ballots from a district leaning towards Judge Prosser are locked in someone’s car just over the state line, never to be […]