‘It wouldn’t be a Republican majority if they weren’t taking an African-American’s voting rights away’

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 1/5/2011

From David Dayen of Firedoglake, whose election coverage I enjoyed, comes what may be the first race card played during the Boehner era (emphasis mine):

The new House of Representatives will be sworn in at noon today. We have a pretty good sense of their schedule of events for […]

‘It’s still just me’

Will Boehner be the Anti-Obama?

Roger L. Simon Pajamas Media 1/5/2011

Like much of the world that doesn’t live Inside the Beltway, I was only marginally aware of John Boehner until some months ago when it was becoming clear he might be the next speaker. And even then I wasn’t impressed. The man-tan look made […]

The Speaker speaks

“The American people have humbled us. They have refreshed our memories as to just how temporary the privilege to serve is. They have reminded us that everything here is on loan from them. That includes this gavel, which I accept cheerfully and gratefully, knowing I am but its caretaker. After all, this is the people’s […]