Washington Post in hole, keeps digging

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 4/9/2014

…the Post, rather than salvaging its reputation with a serious inquiry into how it ended up publishing what can most kindly be termed phony partisan propaganda, is making its situation worse, with a misleading, off point correction published Monday.

In case you are unfamiliar with the controversy, Post reporters Steven […]


The New York Post 11/21/2012






H/T American Thinker, Where’s the Outrage (Gaza Atrocity Edition):

Hamas savages execute six “collaborators” and drag the body of one through the streets of Gaza, and the world press is indignant mostly silent…

…If you took the world’s liberal media seriously, you might think […]

The ‘Republican Women for Obama’ are Democrats

‘Republican Women for Obama’ Aren’t Republican

Donald Douglas American Power Blog 8/25/2012

Well, at least one of the women in this ad isn’t Republican, and none of them are conservative. Also really misleading is the argument that if you’re for “small government” you should vote for Obama, since he won’t deprive you of your right […]