Those pesky, lying, worthless ordinary citizens

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 3/1/2014

On Friday the Examiner reported that informants within the Connecticut state police had contacted gun rights activist and blogger Mike Vanderboegh with an urgent message. “Don’t come to Connecticut anytime soon,” they said, “There’s cops and politicians up here who want you dead.”

Once the shock of such an outrageous […]

Who Owns You?

Alan Sexton Green Mountain Scribes 7/25/2011

There’s more great material at Green Mountain Scribes.

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Who will determine what counts as “junk food” and what the appropriate tax rate is? How will the government make sure people are not evading the tax by making their […]

‘Global Governance’ Explained

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 3/29/2011

Very reasoned analysis of the movement towards “global governance” from veteran commentator Henry Lamb.

This comes from 2002, but is still very relevant and worth the time.

CAJ note: The video was uploaded to YouTube by LibertyInOurTime with these notes:

Lecture by Henry Lamb given to the 20th Annual […]