Oil Messed Up

Anger grows along the Gulf Coast at the Obama administration’s pathetic response to the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

Winston Groom The Weekly Standard Vol. 15, No. 40 7/5-7/12/2010

Point Clear, Alabama The most breathtaking irony in the whole sorry oil spill saga is that the Obama administration has selected BP—which it continues […]

Day 68: Why isn’t the A-Whale in the Gulf yet?

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 6/27/2010

The A-Whale bills itself as the largest open-water oil skimmer in the world, and it’s at least very impressive. Originally an oil and ore tanker, the ship’s owners recently refitted the ship to do exactly the kind of work that the US so desperately needs in the Gulf of Mexico, and […]

Florida senator: Obama told me we can’t deploy oil skimmers because they might be needed elsewhere

Allahpundit HotAir.com 6/21/2010

A quickie but goodie courtesy of The Shark Tank, which wrangled this interview with LeMieux after a meeting of the Florida GOP. I’d be curious to know when, precisely, O told him that we can’t spare an all-hands-on-deck approach with American skimmers — although given the fact that that remains the policy […]

Rep. Djou Calls For Jones Act Repeal So Foreign Ships Can Help With Gulf Cleanup

Elections matter.

The Djou Family

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 6/19/2010

Republican Congressman Charles Djou (R-Hawaii) called for the repeal of the Jones Act. The Washington Examiner reported:

U.S. Rep. Charles Djou is calling on President Barack Obama to waive a 90-year-old law so foreign ships can help respond to the huge oil spill in […]

The President Does a Jones Act

Why Obama turned down foreign ships to clean up the Gulf The Wall Street Journal 6/19/2010

President Obama has repeatedly said his Administration is doing everything in its power to expedite the oil clean-up and mitigate the damage. But in the two weeks immediately after the spill, 13 foreign governments reached out and offered their […]

Is an antiquated law hampering oil clean-up efforts?

Mark Hemingway Washington Examiner 6/11/2010

Incredibly, the Jones Act, an old protectionist law requiring “vessels working in US waters be built in the US and be crewed by US workers” has not been waived in the BP clean-up efforts. Some of the best, most cutting edge oil clean-up crews and technology belong to other countries […]