Rewarded for breast-cancer lies

Phelim McAleer The New York Post 8/3/2012

Josh Fox: Stands by claims, against Susan G. Komen. Photo: Robert Kalfus

Breast cancer is uniquely frightening. Almost everyone knows someone who’s had it, and too many of us know someone it’s killed.

More than 40,000 Americans died of breast cancer last year alone — more […]

Irish brawler McIlhenny brings ‘FrackNation’ to the screen

Sunana Batra Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University 7 May 2012


At the 35th Annual Heritage Foundation Resource Bank held in Colorado Springs, Nationally renowned documentary filmmaker Ann McElhinney spoke to attendees about her latest project called “FrackNation”. Her documentary tells the truth about fracking and responds to the propaganda-laden blatant lies and […]

This is a Fracking Good Film

BigFurHat iOwnTheWorld 4/6/2012


Related: from Ann McElhinney’s Facebook page:

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Check out this map of the U.S. on Ann’s page, too.

CAJ note: In the interest of disclosure, a few of us here are among the 3,305 backers of FrackNation.


‘FrackNation’ Filmmakers Post Pro-Fracking Billboard Negating ‘Gasland’ Misconceptions

Click on the image to enlarge. Photo: FrackNation


Liz Klimas The Blaze 3/23/2012

One of the most frightening pieces of evidence in Josh Fox’s 2010 documentary against hydraulic fracturing — Gasland — is a clip showing tap water being set on fire. Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer isn’t trying to deny that […]

Jindal op-ed: Obama’s Politicized Energy Policy

La. Gov. Jindal: Obama’s ‘Radical Environmental Policy’ Wreaks Havoc on Energy

John Bachman Newsmax 12 Mar 2012

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal contends that Republican criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of rising energy costs “lets the president off too easily.”

And President Barack Obama’s “radical environmental policy” is one of the main causes for his […]

FrackNation: pay one dollar, become a movie mogul, save the world!

“If we can’t raise the money needed to make our documentary then our documentary shouldn’t be made.” ~ Phelim McAleer

James Delingpole The Telegraph [UK] 20 February 2012

Three of FrackNation's executive producers in Long Beach


Shale gas is the miracle which will transform the world. In America it’s already […]