Soros’ plot to stack states’ courts with leftist judges exposed

Radicalizing the Courts

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 7/14/2012

In the wake of two controversial U.S. Supreme Court decisions — Obamacare and the Arizona immigration law — in which a so-called conservative Chief Justice joined left-wing Justices in his ruling, multi-billionaire and far-left icon George Soros is financing a almost $50 million campaign to reshape […]

Soros’ latest gambit

Ed Lasky American Thinker 9/11/2010

George Soros, patron saint of Democrats everywhere, sugar daddy of their party, early backer of Barack Obama, funder of influential think tanks (such as the omnipresent Center for American Progress, a group that has become a media mouthpiece), and the grand champion funder of 527 groups nationwide (such as […]