A Constitutional Argument Against the So-Called ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ *

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard about?

Baylen Linnekin Reason Magazine 4/6/2013

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard derided as the Monsanto Protection Act?

To answer that question, I’ve turned to page 199 of my dog-eared 2001 copy of Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law by […]

Quote of the day–get the shovel

5 April 2012


“You’re standing up there twisting yourself in knots because he made a mistake and you can’t admit it.”

~Bill Plante CBS News reporter, to Jay Carney on Obama’s Supreme Court Remarks


Judge Napolitano Believes ‘the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism’

Eric Odom Liberty News Network 4/4/2012

Another must-see video floating around today after Judge Napolitano told Neil Cavuto that he thinks “the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism.” Following the video is a fitting image that was posted to one of our associated Facebook pages.

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Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Landowners’ Rights

A Big Win for Small Business

Alan Sexton Green Mountain Scribes 3/21/2012

Washington, D.C. – Karen Harned, executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Legal Center, today lauded the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Sackett v. EPA, to uphold landowner rights.

“Property rights are of enormous import to the hundreds […]

Article III, Section I

Michael Walsh The Corner National Review 12/21/2011

Andy, thanks for your clear-headed exposition on the proper relationship among the three branches of government, and in particular on the limits of the courts’s authority. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, here’s the Constitution on the subject:

The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in […]