Goodbye, Andrew

We have lost our bravest warrior, but we must continue his good fight.

Michael Walsh National Review Online 3/1/2012

In the war against the institutional Left, Andrew Breitbart was the Right’s Achilles; the bravest of all the warriors, now fallen on the plain. There was no combat in which he would not engage, no battle […]

Stop Calling the Tea Party Extreme. It Isn’t.

Mercer Tyson American Thinker 9/13/2011

The left-leaning mainstream media and liberal Democratic politicians continue to refer to the Tea Party as extreme, wacko, and out of touch with the American public. Clear evidence indicates exactly the opposite.

Many of us are getting increasingly annoyed when we hear the Tea Party called extreme, right-wing wackos, or […]

Mark Steyn: From ‘Let’s roll’ to ‘Let’s roll over’

Mark Steyn The Orange County Register 9/9/2011

…What of the 23rd Psalm? It was recited by Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer and the telephone operator Lisa Jefferson in the final moments of his life before he cried “Let’s roll!” and rushed the hijackers.

No, sorry. Aside from firemen, Mayor Bloomberg’s official commemoration hasn’t got any […]

Sen. Rubio: ‘Save the whole house or it will all burn down’

Video: Marco Rubio vs. John Kerry on the debt crisis Allahpundit 7/30/2011

“Compromise without solutions is a waste of time.”

A long clip but worth every minute. Trust me. Just watch it.

Related: Moody’s: Boehner, Reid plans don’t go far enough

Who wrote John Boehner’s bill?

Guess who wrote it?

The late-night jousting […]

Ezra Levant interviews Geert Wilders

Sun News Network via sdamatt2 5/10/2011

Related: “Kathy Shaidle (Five Feet of Fury) discusses Geert Wilders with Ezra Levant,” a video at Blazing Cat Fur.

H/T American Power


A blogger ally, Blazing Cat Fur, needs our help

29 October 2010

Unless you’ve followed the charges against writers Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle and others in Canada, you may not realize that speech in the country is not protected as it is here under our First Amendment. Canada has a Human Rights Commission that monitors speech in the country and has been […]