Newspaper headlines 1 September 1939

BBC News 31 August 1999

At dawn on 1 September 1939, German troops stormed across the Polish frontier. A little over an hour later Nazi dive-bombers were attacking the civilians of Poland’s capital city Warsaw.

At 1000 Hitler addressed the Reichstag. He said he had negotiated a settlement with the Poles, but they had refused […]

On May 13, 1940…

Mercury One Facebook 5/13/2013





…Winston Churchill delivered his first speech to the UK Parliament’s House of Commons after he was offered the King’s commission as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, thereby succeeding Neville Chamberlain. The speech has become known as the Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat speech, a reference […]

Queen Elizabeth II marks Accession Day

The Associated Press via 2/6/2012

LONDON — It has been 60 years to the day since Britain was shocked by the bulletins: The King is dead; long live the Queen!

Eight words encapsulated both the news on Feb. 6, 1952 and the British doctrine of monarchy. It also starkly illustrates why the accession anniversary […]