Summary of ‘Knock Out’ Attacks: This is Not a Game

“Knock Out Game” ? “Polar Bear Hunting” ? “Cracka Smacks” ?

sundance The Last Refuge The Conservative Treehouse 2/20/2014

The mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have consistently tried to claim the race-based “Knock Out” assaults are mythical in nature.

Various manipulations of labeling have taken place with some calling the attacks “a game”, or […]

Sowell: A Very Dangerous Game

Thomas Sowell via Big Government 20 Nov 2013

…New York City police authorities are investigating a series of unprovoked physical attacks in public places on people who are Jewish, in the form of what is called “the knockout game.”

The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to […]

‘They were enjoying frightening people’

Anne BackyardConservative 6/13/2012

…without provocation, they just attacked. I wondered who was working on a Sunday night, walking home at 10. It was a doctor:

He crossed Chicago Avenue, then went north on the pathway through the park, past the people playing tennis on the courts to his right, then out to Dewitt Place.

“I […]

Stomped on his head left him for dead. He died

Between the flash mobs and the knock-out game, we have very good reasons to change the way we think about racism in America.

~John T. Bennett

Anne BackyardConservative 8/31/2011

Stomped on his head left him for dead. He died Decatur, IL.

The other day we read of a mob […]