Sequestration: The Sequester Spending Cuts Are Happening, One Way or Another

Amy Payne The Morning Bell 2/19/2013

Federal budget cuts called “sequestration” are scheduled to hit in just 10 days. The sequestration cuts are not perfect—they’re a blunt instrument to cut spending, rather than a deliberative plan that sets priorities, trims entitlements, and cuts other spending. But they are law.

It would be better to […]

Solar power increasing lead poisoning

Joel Gehrke Washington Examiner 9/1/2011

Solar power plants stand as major culprits in lead emissions and lead poisoning in India and China, according to a study conducted by a University of Tennessee-Knoxville professor Chris Cherry. Solar plants make significant use of lead batteries.

The study announcement declared that up to 2.4 million tons of lead […]