The Stanford Group-Solamere connection: a Romney scandal the media is just waiting to write about

Kevin “Coach” Collins Coach is Right 11/3/2011

The Stanford Group ponzi swindle stands second only to the Madoff ponzi scheme as the biggest in history. As revealed in 2009, Allen Stanford swindled over $8 billion from his investors by selling them worthless securities.

Stealing $8 billion is something that requires help; you really can’t do […]

Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media: So Where’s the Reporting?

Dan Gainor Opinion 4/6/2011

Apparently, megalomaniacs need schedulers.

Just ask George Soros. The left-wing billionaire is helping fund two major conferences that start on the same day, in two different locations just a three hours apart by car. Two liberal events packed into one long weekend. God created the world in six days. Apparently, […]

Think Stupidity

John Hinderaker Power Line 2/21/2011

…Governor Walker’s position is endorsed by a majority of Wisconsin voters, as well as several conservative groups, some of which have gotten modest amounts of support from conservative philanthropists. In what world is that some kind of scandal?

Certainly not in the world of Think Progress, which is entirely a […]

Liberals Call for Lynching Clarence Thomas

Van Helsing 2/3/2011

By now it’s obvious where progressives got the bizarrely inaccurate view of the Tea Party they have used their control of the media to superimpose on reality. Characteristically, they looked in the mirror and felt compelled to project the hideousness they saw.

More from the Common Cause/Code Pink/public sector union version […]

The Kochs vs. Soros: Free markets vs. state coercion

In less than 140 characters, Fang had epitomized the myopic liberal view of money in politics: Conservative money is bad, and linked to greed, while liberal money is self-evidently philanthropic…The moral difference is this: Only one side is trying to compel others to conform to its preferences…

Timothy P. Carney Washington Examiner […]