The Little Eichmanns of the Government Shutdown

streiff RedState 10/8/2013

viagria from canada




If anyone had any doubt about the vicious and petty character of Barack Obama and his administration the past week should have put those doubts to rest. Not even Nixon’s “enemies list” can compete with Obama. Nixon’s list was focused on not inviting certain pustulent […]

The Clueless Senator from Vermont

John Stossel Fox Business 3/10/2011

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, was so outraged that trinkets made at the Smithsonian are not manufactured in the United States that he wrote to the museum demanding it sell products made in the USA.

“That is pretty pathetic!” said the Senator. “I was not aware that the collapse of our […]

National Anthem too Controversial for Lincoln Memorial

Dan Riehl RiehlWorldView 8/10/2010

Evidently it was back in July at the Lincoln Memorial. Fox is hitting it today. What especially grates is that the anthem somehow violates the content-neutral policy. Since when did the national anthem become partisan, or ideological, somehow? Today’s dose of DC PC lunacy courtesy of the park service. We […]