Obamacare Is Crumbling

“Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.”


Phil Kerpen Townhall.com 3/25/2013

Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes. The long-term care insurance program known as the CLASS ACT was deemed financially unworkable and shut down by the administration’s own actuaries. Taxpayer-funded health care cooperatives never got off the ground and […]

‘Fiscal cliff’ deal repeals part of ‘Obamacare’

Stephen Dinan The Washington Times 1/1/2013

Tucked inside the “fiscal cliff” deal is a provision repealing the CLASS Act, a giant unfunded mandate that was part of President Obama’s health care law.

The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program was a priority of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and was designed […]

Obama pulls plug on part of health overhaul law

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Associated Press via MSNBC 10/14/2011

The Obama administration Friday pulled the plug on a major program in the president’s signature health overhaul law — a long-term care insurance plan dogged from the beginning by doubts over its financial solvency.

Targeted by congressional Republicans for repeal, the long-term care plan became the first casualty […]

Hey Brother, Could You Spare $146-$240? Futureshock Deductions, Courtesy of the CLASS Act

Jay Batman DRSoundrels 5/28/2010

In another example of how the federal government doesn’t work for the average American, next year you will be approached by your employer about a new payroll deduction. The deduction, which funds long term care in the home, will cost anywhere from $146 to $240 a month depending on whose estimate […]

Little-known health care law provision is a budget buster, critics say

William La Jeunesse FoxNews.com 3/26/2010

While Congress spent the last year debating how to provide health insurance for the uninsured, a little-known provision slipped into the heath care law that could cost some Americans upwards of $2,000 a year.

The Class Act, otherwise known as the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act, is the […]

Congress’s Long-Term Care Bomb

by Scott Harrington Wall Street Journal December 13, 2009

The public is growing wary of the cost of ObamaCare. Yet there is one budget-busting provision that hasn’t received the attention it deserves: a new long-term care entitlement.

Known as the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act, or Class Act, this entitlement is in both […]