Freedom of Expression at LSU

Aaron Worthing Patterico’s Pontifications 5/13/2011

…Remember that night when all of us were celebrating the death of bin Laden? Well on that same night someone went to LSU’s war memorial, removed the American flag that flew there, and burned it:

The American flag that flew on the pole over the LSU War Memorial was cut […]

American flag supporters stop flag burning at LSU

Rob Hays WAFB 5/11/2011

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – Several hundred people gathered on the LSU campus Wednesday and effectively stopped an LSU grad student from burning an American flag on campus.

The student announced Tuesday that he intended to burn the flag. The announcement set off a wave of angry protests on Facebook and […]

‘Blood on your hands’

LSU Astronomy Professor Warns Conservative Students On Greenhouse Gases — ‘Blood On Your Hands’

Donald Douglas American Power 11/18/2010

I found this at Inside Higher Ed, which links to

And at Fox News, “Global Warming Debate Ignites LSU Classroom“:

…[Bryan Bernys, national director of] admitted that the video was heavily edited, but […]