20% v.s. 55%: Women of #Occupy v.s. The Tea Party

Nice Deb 11/22/2011

Tina Dupuy of The Atlantic, having visited eight Occupations in the U.S. and Canada, reports on what can only be called a “gender gap” in the Occupy movement:

During the very first week of the Occupation in LA I noticed that the gender breakdown in its General Assembly (GA) and various committee […]

If Mama Grizzlies acted like Black Panthers…

24 October 2010

H/T Mr. Smith

We’ll credit the source of this image the moment we locate it.

Common American Journal welcomes readers from BestPicturesOf.com. And nearly a year later, we still don’t know who to credit for the image!

Chicago Democrat Machine Throws Black Female Candidate Off the Ballot

Mike Flynn BigGovernment.com 7/7/2010

As we feared, the Chicago Democrat Machine reached into neighboring Will County and lined up a couple Democrat officials to throw Cedra Crenshaw, GOP candidate for the 43rd State Senate District, off the ballot. The Machine candidate in the district, A.J. Wilhelmi, is a legacy politician who was specially appointed to […]

‘Mama Grizzlies’

7/8/2010 H/T DaTechguy