Marco Rubio: My Promise

Freedom’s Lighthouse 12/31/2010

Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio has sent a letter thanking his supporters and outlining his agenda after his swearing in on January 5th.

…Next Wednesday, January 5th, we begin the hard work of turning principles into policies, ideas into legislation and campaign promises into a new course for our state and America. On […]

Lindsey Graham Gives Away the Game

Erick Erickson RedState 12/22/2010

There has been a lot of speculation this week about why the GOP rolled over in the Senate on virtually every issue. From Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s repeal to START to you name it — the GOP became the party of capitulation. So much so that even Lindsey Graham is blasting […]

Senator-elect Marco Rubio delivers GOP response to Obama’s weekly address

7 November 2010

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Sarah Palin: ‘This is Our Morning in America’

Sarah Palin Releases Post-Election Ad: “New Morning” (Video)

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 11/4/2010

Sarah Palin released a post-election ad today featuring several winners from Tuesday’s election including: Allen West, Nikki Haley, Sean Duffy, Renee Elmers, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte and tea party patriots.

The whole post is at GatewayPundit.


Debate Moderator to Marco Rubio, How Does it Feel to be an Anti-Latino, Tea Party Radical?…

CAJ note: We’re not sure why the video ends the way it does, but Rubio’s answer to the question was so dynamic we wanted you to see it.

Zip Weasel Zippers 10/20/2010

How does Rubio respond? By knocking the sorry-ass question out of the park…

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Marco Rubio: Americans want the US to remain exceptional

Cubachi 9/26/2010

…One of the most promising things about Marco Rubio, is his facility in explaining conservative values as mainstream ideas, which it is. Sometimes there are republicans in the establishment who can’t handle such simple questions for fear of what the elite might think of their response…

Remember, to donate to Marco Rubio […]