La Raza President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up ‘To Attack Common Enemies’

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 4/12/2012

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Nobody has a bigger problem with Latinos than this administration. Holder ran guns down there to kill Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Obama wants Zimmerman strung up because he “doesn’t look like his son”. La Raza is being played. The only […]

Obama Appoints Maria del Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador

Erick Erickson 8/19/2010

This is huge news coming on the heels of Barack Obama’s support for the Ground Zero Mosque.

He has appointed Maria del Carmen Aponte to be Ambassador to El Salvador.

Three United States Senators have a hold on her nomination. Why? Because she had a longterm relationship with a top Cuban […]

Senate Republicans stall Obama’s ambassador pick over Cuba concerns

[In December we brought Ms. Aponte to our readers’ attention thanks to]

Mari Carmen Aponte, who was nominated by Obama in December for ambassador to El Salvador, withdrew her nomination to another diplomatic post in the Clinton era following questions about her past relationship with someone who had apparently caught the attention of the […]

Obama’s Ambassador Nominee Linked to Cuban Spy

By: Theodore Kettle Newsmax 11 December 2009

Mari Del Carmen Aponte’s nomination as President Clinton’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic had to be withdrawn in 1998 when the late Sen. Jesse Helms let it be known he had an intelligence memo examining her connections to Communist Cuba’s spy agency.

On Wednesday, after years of giving […]