Chinese chaos worse than Greece

News Limited [AU] 7/7/2015

WHILE the world worries about Greece, there’s an even bigger problem closer to home: China.

A stock market crash there has seen $3.2 trillion wiped from the value of Chinese shares in just three weeks, triggering an emergency response from the government and warnings of “monstrous” public disorder…

…“If China does […]

What’s This About a Hindenburg Omen?

Liz Moyer Uptick/ 8/16/2010

It’s hard to say whether those are storm clouds gathering over the stock markets, or whether that’s just the fog that’s lifting after two long years of dizzying volatility. But what about the Hindenburg Omen?

It’s been written about, blogged about and debated over the last few days. Rick Ackerman, a […]