Will David Cicilline (D-RI) be at the News Conference About the Mess He Left Behind in Providence?

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 3/2/2011

If you want to see one of the greatest escape acts in the history of politics, witness David Cicilline’s election to the United States Congress last November in the 1st Congressional District of Rhode Island.

Cicilline had been Mayor of Providence, and was endorsed not only by almost all […]

‘…That’s why I am gonna vote for John Loughlin…RI-1’

27 October 2010

This was sent to us tonight by a political activist in Rhode Island who wrote, “Let’s bury this guy. Maybe you can help get this video out…”


This is what eight years of Mayor David Cicilline has done to your capitol city, Rhode Island. Why give him the opportunity to do […]

Obama/Cicilline Dems v. Clinton/Caprio Dems in Rhode Island

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 10/27/2010

The fiasco of Obama’s visit to Rhode Island — which led Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for Governor, to tell Obama to “shove” his endorsement — holds tremendous potential to split the Democratic base.

Obama came to Rhode Island to raise funds for the national Democratic Party and for […]

Obama to $7,500 per Plate Fundraiser Hosts: Can’t Stay for Dinner, Gotta Scoop the Poop

The Lonely Conservative 10/26/2010

I have absolutely no sympathy for the hosts and guests at a $7,500 per plate Rhode Island fundraiser where President Obama was the guest of honor. It’s people like them who helped bring about this debacle. That being said, it was awfully rude of him to duck out before the meal […]

Auditor: ‘There’s no question the city will run out of money’

Stephen Beal GoLocalProv 10/23/2010

The city of Providence is running out of money and is behind on its payments to the pension system, Internal Auditor James Lombardi warned in a report released this week.

Mayor David Cicilline is running for the Congressional seat left vacant by Patrick Kennedy.

“Based on the current situation […]

Mayor, Congressional candidate, hires judicial nominee, Jack ‘lead paint’ McConnell, to sue libraries

Library belittles mayor in deriding lawsuit

Phillip Marcelo The Providence Journal 10/19/2010

PROVIDENCE — Calling Mayor David N. Cicilline a “petulant child,” the Providence Public Library on Monday said a recently filed city lawsuit attempting to resolve needed repair work at the city’s library buildings was “baseless” and “harassing.”

The library, which operated the city’s […]