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15 August 2011

Last week Wisconsin blogger and University of Madison law professor Ann Althouse was with her husband and son filming a sing-along when she was roughed up by a union protester. You can read her posts and see her videos at Althouse.com

There is video at Breitbart.tv, posted 8/12/2011:

Ann Althouse: In the […]

America 2011: Security Forces Struggle to Get Control of Wisconsin Capitol

Publius Big Government 3/10/2011

A mob currently controls the Wisconsin capitol building. They are trying to prevent an elected legislature from convening. If the left will go this far to protect their own pampered status in one state, imagine what they’ll do when we have to tackle the federal budget crisis.

…At a certain time, […]

Althouse: There are young people in the Wisconsin Capitol who have been there, sleep deprived, for 15 days and are truly suffering

CAJ note: Ann Althouse is the parent of a young man who is probably about the age of some of these protesters. In this post, it is the voice of a mother we hear…

Althouse 3/1/2011

I just watched video Meade brought home, and I am not going to put it on line. But I […]

‘Wisconsin this week’ or ‘Cheeseheads gone wild’

17 February 2011

We began following this yesterday, 16 February, with the help of Ann Althouse, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We urge you to follow the links to read the posts in full.

Madison schools close for the day to allow teachers to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting budget plan.


Has anyone said, ‘Poor puppy’ yet?

Obama: They talk about me like a dog

Alexander Mooney CNN 9/6/2010

(CNN) – Those following President Obama’s prepared remarks during a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Monday were thrown a bit of a curveball when it came to a description of his critics:

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for […]