In draconian gun legislation government plays fast and loose with term ‘mentally ill’

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 3/14/2013


With tax reform, spending cuts, gun control and immigration on the agenda, Obama met with Senate Republicans and House Democrats today. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


When Fidel Castro bullied his way into power in Cuba five decades ago, the west began to see, up close […]

Patients held for observation can face steep drug bills

Susan Jaffe Kaiser Health News USA Today 5/1/2012

Sudden chest pains landed Diane Zachor in a Duluth, Minn., hospital overnight, but weeks later she had another shock — a $442 bill for the everyday drugs she also takes at home, including more than a half dozen common medicines to control diabetes, heart problems and high […]

Hospitals facing a growing shortage of drugs

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 5/30/2011

DRUG SHORTAGE UPDATE: Hospitals hunt substitutes as drug shortages rise. “A growing shortage of medications for a host of illnesses – from cancer to cystic fibrosis to cardiac arrest – has hospitals scrambling for substitutes to avoid patient harm, and sometimes even delaying treatment.”