AARP to Obama: Don’t mention us again

Joel Gehrke The Washington Examiner 10/4/2012

President Obama invoked AARP to defend his health care law last night, prompting the influential group to release a statement telling him not to do that again.

“While we respect the rights of each campaign to make its case to voters, AARP has never consented to the use of […]

How AARP’s support for ObamaCare was bought and paid for

Why did AARP ignore the overwhelming opposition among seniors, calls from their own members running 14-1 against…

Phil Kerpen 8/24/2012

In 1999, the American Association of Retired Persons officially changed its name to “AARP,” which has since officially stood for nothing. So it’s fitting that in the orgy of corrupt backroom deals that resulted […]

Supreme Court filing suggests AARP feigned support for Medigap reform

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 1/5/2012

A Supreme Court amicus briefing filed by the AARP indicates that during the national debate over President Obama’s health care overhaul, the senior-citizen advocacy group did not prioritize stopping Medigap providers, including itself, from discriminating against seniors with pre-existing conditions. This stands in stark contrast with AARP’s past claims.


AARP’s ObamaCare Endgame Revealed

Chuck Rogér American Thinker 5/24/2011

We now have a clear picture of the treachery in which AARP has engaged since President Obama took office. The Daily Caller reports that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has granted Medigap policy sellers, including the American Association of Retired Persons, exemption from ObamaCare-mandated federal supervision of […]

Obama’s Grave Assault on Medical Conscience Rights

Kristan Hawkins Human Events 5/21/2011

During the past two years, Americans have seen the expansion of the federal government into sectors of their economy and personal life as never before. And earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly moved into a new area of American life, one of its most intimate, the patient-doctor relationship.

Like […]

GOP sets sights on AARP over its support for healthcare reform

Julian Pecquet The Hill 3/25/2011

Newly empowered House Republicans are getting ready to renew their attacks against AARP over its support for the healthcare reform law, The Hill has learned.

The Ways and Means health and oversight subcommittees are hauling in the seniors lobby’s executives before the panel for an April 1 hearing on how […]