How free is your state?

And the least free state in America is…

Erika Johnsen Hot Air 3/28/2013

…None other than the legislative haunt of Gov. Andrew “confiscation could be an option” Cuomo andloathsome nanny-state Mayor Bloomberg, of course. George Mason University’s Mercatus Center just released the third edition of their comprehensive “Freedom in the Fifty States” study, ranking “the […]

The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

“I believed that when we were considered effective we would be attacked…I didn’t anticipate the hatred, the advocacy of violence.”

~Charles Koch

The left’s obsession with the Koch brothers

Matthew Continetti The Weekly Standard 4/4/2011 Vol. 16, No. 28

Wichita–David Koch’s secretary told him the news. This was in February, during […]