Copps submits notice to resign from FCC

Gautham Nagesh The Hill 12/6/2011

Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps officially announced his resignation from the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, confirming his plans to depart at the end of the year.

“Yesterday, I submitted to the President notice of my intention to resign my post as Commissioner effective January 1, 2012. Should the Senate confirm […]

Documents show FCC coordinated ‘Net Neutrality’ effort with outside group

Conn Carroll Washington Examiner 6/2/2011

Documents made public yesterday by Judicial Watch describe extensive collusion by Federal Communications Commission officials with a left-wing advocacy group in a campaign to expand government regulation of the Internet.

The documents, obtained by Judicial Watch in a December 2010 Freedom of Information Act request, were created after Democrat appointees […]

Democrats put heat on FCC commissioner on net neutrality vote

Sarah Jerome The Hill 12/18/2010

The Democrats have a message for Democratic FCC Commissioner Michael Copps: Don’t screw things up on net neutrality.

Democrats allied with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are working to put public pressure on Copps as the net-neutrality vote draws near.

Genachowski needs Copps to vote for his plan during a commission […]

How about we just abolish the FCC instead?

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 12/6/2010

HOW ABOUT WE JUST ABOLISH THE FCC INSTEAD? FCC commissioners demand authority over campaign financing, free Internet.

…There is little doubt that the impulse towards charity can sometimes, as in the anecdote offered by Clyburn, tilt toward the patronizing, but that’s hardly more insulting than seizing the property of others for […]

Wave goodbye to internet freedom

FCC crosses the Rubicon into online regulation

Editorial Washington Times 12/3/2010

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to add the Internet to its portfolio of regulated industries. The agency’s chairman,Julius Genachowski, announced Wednesday that he circulated draft rules he says will “preserve the freedom and openness of the Internet.” No statement could better reflect […]