Breitbart News Comes To Gateway Pundit! – ‘Jim Hoft Is Our Hero’

Andrea Ryan The Gateway Pundit 8/30/2013

…From the outpouring of prayers and kind words this past week, we have discovered how loved Jim Hoft is. He is, also, highly respected, and sorely missed in the Conservative community. Jim’s absence has reminded us all of how important, influential, and ground breaking his work is. One man […]

Senator-spotting outside the Tilted Kilt


Chris Muir Big Government 2/20/2011

For those who aren’t familiar with the Tilted Kilt go to ‘Cheeseheads gone wild’ and scroll to the very bottom of the post. This is where WI’s absentee senators have been hanging out rather than doing their jobs in Madison.

Update: More humor from BigGovernment, Confession: […]