Commie Kitsch or 'Balancing Act' from The Washingtonian Mom

In the constant juggle of managing life at home and life at work, Claire Shipman realizes that confidence is key

Alicia C. Shepard Washingtonian MOM Spring Issue

Note to our readers: The cover of the spring issue of Washingtonian MOM features journalist and author Claire Shipman, whose new book, The Confidence Code, cowritten with Katty […]

Thousands of Berlin Wall Documents Declassified

Historians: Docs reveal struggle and resolve of the human spirit for freedom

Daniel Wiser The Washington Free Beacon 1/14/2014

Thousands of newly declassified documents about the Berlin Wall reveal the struggle and resolve of the human spirit for freedom, archivists and historians said on Tuesday.

The National Archives’ National Declassification Center (NDC) has released 11,000 […]

25 Years Ago Today

Andy Ace of Spades HQ 6/12/2012

A blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, but it sure seems like a long time ago …

Go to Ace of Spades HQ for video of the entire speech.


A century of world history from 1911 to 2011 summed up in 10 minutes of YouTube clips

Ted Thornhill Daily Mail [UK] 3rd January 2012

It’s a great way to brush up on your history – but some may find parts a bit depressing.

YouTube user derDon1234 has squashed 100 years of world events from 1911 to 2011 into a 10-minute clip using authentic footage.

It charts some of our greatest achievements, […]

It’s another Soros link to Occupy Wall Street

Envisions ‘New Economic World Order’ no longer dominated by 1 superpower

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 10/14/2011

A George Soros-funded economist taught a course to the Occupy Wall Street protesters purportedly to help the activists better understand what caused the global financial crisis.

Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz also recently addressed the so-called social protests rocking […]

Elena Bonner’s Rich Legacy

Remembering the life and accomplishments of a Soviet dissident

Cathy Young Reason Magazine 6/28/2011

There was a time when moral giants walked the earth. One of them, Soviet dissident Elena Bonner—widow of the great physicist and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov—left us on Sunday at the age of 88. A model of courage and principle, […]