‘Can you hear me now?’ Big brother obtains phone records of millions of Americans

Glenn Beck 6/6/2013

“The alarming scale of domestic surveillance under this White House is shocking and it is inexcusable,” Glenn told his radio audience this morning. “Millions of Americans, according to the Guardian, not to some conspiracy theorist but now according to the Guardian.”

Last night, the latest in a string of White House scandals […]

Obama ‘Losing the Moral Authority to Lead’

Ben Shapiro Breitbart.com Big Government 26 May 2013

Appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that President Obama’s “moral authority to lead” has crumbled. Referring to the troika of scandals now plaguing the administration – the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits, the Department of Justice’s targeting of reporters, and the […]

Bill Whittle explains Fast and Furious and why Obama invoked executive privilege

Moneyrunner The Virginian 6/23/2012

For Obama and the MSM, three hundred dead Mexicans and one murdered American border patrol agent is a small price to pay for disarming Americans…

Read the rest of Moneyrunner’s commentary at The Virginian.

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Update: Obama mega-donor Bill Maher casts light on Fast […]

‘His brother is back in Kenya living on $12 a year’

Steyn rips Obama’s ‘Brother’s keeper’ remark: ‘His brother is back in Kenya living on $12 a year’

Jeff Poor The Daily Caller 2/3/2012

…At issue is the Obama administration’s effort to require Catholic institutions to provide contraception. Steyn explained this is part of “big government” trying to supplant the church as a source of “moral […]