Leftist Professors: We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

Tom Lindsay Opinion Forbes.com 6/13/2015

This is the leading campus story of the last few weeks: Dr. Frankenstein now fears the monster he created.

The Academy let slip the dogs of ideological war during the campus revolts of the ‘60s; now, some academics find that they are collateral damage, and are eager to sue for […]

Netanyahu tells UN: Israel’s fight is the world’s fight

In far-reaching speech to General Assembly, Netanyahu slams Abbas, indicating way to peace is no longer through direct talks, but via wider rapprochement with Arab world.

Herb Keinon The Jerusalem Post 9/29/2014

In a wide ranging speech that touched on the scourge of radical Islam, the dangers of a nuclear Iran and a new paradigm […]

Star Parker: GOP facing train wreck with blacks and Hispanics

75 percent of Hispanics prefer bigger government compared to 41 percent of the general population.

Star Parker Spero Forum 4/9/2012

National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein provided an eye-opening reminder in a recent column about the impact of changing ethnic demographics on America’s political landscape.

The flashing red light of Brownstein’s message is pointed to the Republican […]

The Left’s So-Called Empathy

It doesn’t extend to conservatives or dead babies.

Mark Steyn National Review Online 1/7/2012

Lest you doubt that we’re headed for the most vicious election year in memory, consider the determined effort, within ten minutes of his triumph in Iowa, to weirdify Rick Santorum. Discussing the surging senator on Fox News, Alan Colmes mused on […]

The Beauty of Moral Excellence

Donald Douglas AmericanPower 9/15/2011

Peter Wehner has an interesting piece, at Commentary, “Our Lack of Moral Vocabulary“: Earlier this week, David Brooks wrote a fascinating column on young people’s moral lives, basing it on hundreds of in-depth interviews with young adults across America conducted by the eminent Notre Dame sociologist Christian Smith and his team.


Paul Ryan Embraces American Exceptionalism, Rejects Isolationism in Foreign Policy Speech

Michael Warren The Weekly Standard 6/2/2011

Paul Ryan defended America’s role as the leading defender of freedom and liberty in a foreign policy address this evening. Speaking to the Alexander Hamilton Society, Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, laid out a vision that defended America’s exceptional role as a world leader and […]