Double-Minded Republicans

Andrew C. McCarthy National Review Online 9/8/2012

After a first term that has been historically abysmal, President Obama stands a good chance of being reelected. How can that be?

Here is the blunt explanation: We have lost a third of the country and, as if that weren’t bad enough, Republicans act as if it were […]

“It’s just wrong to judge other cultures.”

Blazing Cat Fur 11/30/2011

Bibi Aisha, Afghanistan. Photo: Jodi Bieber. Click on the image to enlarge

Moments of Startling Clarity Moral education programming in Ontario today by Dr. Stephen L. Anderson

…”…The picture is horrific. Aisha’s beautiful eyes stare hauntingly back at you above the mangled hole that was once her […]

Daily Kos: Reaction to 9-11 “out of proportion” because of TV coverage

John Schulenburg GatewayPundit 8/12/2010

Yep, 3,000 dead Americans at the hand of Islamic terrorists was totally blown out of proportion because of the dramatic TV coverage.


Given that they are such a small minority in this nation, it is odd that so many of our fellow citizens see them as such a threat. Yes, […]