Schieffer: Weiner has no business in NYC mayor’s race

Bob Schieffer Face the Nation CBS News 7/28/2013

What can be said about the Anthony Weiner story that hasn’t been said before?

Actually, several things. One: It is not funny, it is sickening. Two: It is important.

The mayor of New York is not only the most powerful municipal post in America, but because New […]

The Meaning of the Gosnell Trial

Eminent bioethicist Leon Kass on the dangers of a world increasingly indifferent to matters of human dignity.

Sohrab Ahmari The Wall Street Journal 4/19/2013

…Dr. Kass says his critics misunderstand the role of repugnance in his thinking. “It’s not that repugnance is always right,” he says. “There was once repugnance at interracial marriage, and there […]

‘Ronald Reagan himself could not win an election in today’s America.’

Op-Ed: Why Romney Didn’t Get Enough Votes to Win

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky Israel National News 11/13/2012

It is a different world, and a different America. Obama is part of that different America, knows it, and knows how to tap into it. That is why he won.

The most charitable way of explaining the election results […]

Sharia4Belgium threatens Geert Wilders, demands islamic law for Europe 5/27/2012

SheikYerMami has more at Winds of Jihad.

…Amsterdam VVD councillor, Robert Flos, has criticised the police for the way they dealt with a hate speech on Dam

Square on Friday. On local television channel AT5, the councillor says the police failed to arrest the Sharia4Holland speakers, who made death threats aimed at […]

The Girl Scouts of America: Planned Parenthood Issue

Red Square The People’s Cube 2/2/2012

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There’s more at The People’s Cube

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‘This is college. Everyone cheats. Everyone cheats in life in general.’

CAJ note: Ooh, Dude. Your parents must be SO proud! Around here, our mothers would have kicked our asses twice: once for being low-life cheats, and again for coming up with that unbelievably lame excuse. What the reader will see in this video is a staggering level of cynicism and lack of character.

Busted: […]