Morgan Freeman Says Not to Make Race A ‘Bigger Issue Than It Needs to Be’

The Oscar winner tells CNN’s Don Lemon that the media blows race out of proportion

James Crugnale The Wrap 6/5/2014

Morgan Freeman told CNN’s Don Lemon he doesn’t think race still plays a role in income inequality, and that people shouldn’t make it “a bigger issue than it needs to be.”

“Do you think that […]

Katzenberg, Maher, Freeman funded Soptic campaign smear

Christian Toto Big Hollywood 13 Aug 2012

The recent Priorities USA campaign commercial connecting Mitt Romney to the death of a woman from cancer may rank as the most despicable, and downright dishonest, political ads ever created.

Even the increasingly left-leaning CNN torched it. So did The New York Times.

So who is propping […]

If journalists did the job they’re paid to do…

Does this mean the Obama campaign is lying?

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 7/8/2012

Just caught this via Yahoo!:

Undeterred by independent fact-checkers that have debunked the thrust of their claims, the Obama campaign is redoubling attacks on Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer” in a new TV ad airing in eight battleground states.

Morgan Freeman probably has no business judging anyone in the Tea Parties

E’Dena Hines, Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter: Also His Lover?

Kay Hall The Huffington Post 7/10/2009

One Oscar winner is the subject of some pretty damaging rumors.

Morgan Freeman may have robbed his ex-wife’s daughter’s cradle. The National Enquirer alleges that the 72-year-old actor has been romantically involved with his 27-year-old step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, for as […]