Can attorney general investigate Google? Judge to decide

Jeff Amy Associated Press via 2/13/2015

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Does Google help criminals by allowing its search engine to lead to pirated music or by having its autocomplete function suggest illegal activities?

Mississippi’s attorney general suspects the company does and wants to investigate further, yet the Internet giant says companies aren’t liable for […]

How Yesterday’s SOPA Fight Changed Washington

An outside-in online campaign wrecked the Motion Picture Association of America’s campaign’s attempt to toughen intellectual property law. 1/19/2012

We were emailing with a Senate staffer yesterday about the remarkable collapse of the Stop Online Piracy Act, with a Senate stampede away from the legislation that started with a Facebook post from Florida Republican […]

Shut down

18 January 2012

If Congress has their way you will soon see online images and warnings similar to the one below:


Common American Journal is joining other U.S. bloggers and websites in a “black out” for 24 hours to raise awareness about Congress’s attempts to “protect” intellectual property with legislation known as SOPA […]