New Leftist Line: Benghazi Was Chris Stevens' Fault, And He's Dead, So Let's Move On

Ace Ace of Spades HQ 11/26/2012

Joe Klein offers a series of propositions, each more risible than the last, culminating with the claim that Chris Stevens didn’t want any more security in Benghazi at all, he wanted to be “with the people in the streets.”

Whether he wanted the people to invite themselves over from […]

Liberals kneecap Chris Matthews, force anchor to reshoot entire show due to lack of liberal bias

Or, who got to Chris Matthews?

theblogprof 7/31/2010

Not that anyone watches Chris Matthews anymore, but the 7 people who still do may have noticed that his 7:00pm show Hardball, which is a rebroadcast of the original at 5:00pm, was totally different. Why? It was reshot. Totally. Apparently, the 5:00 show was lacking in liberal […]

‘That’s not a crime to call up al Qaeda, is it?’

Matthews on Ft. Hood Suspect Warning Signal: ‘That’s Not a Crime to Call al Qaeda, Is It?’

By Jeff Poor November 9, 2009

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has said some things that would make your scratch your head – like getting a thrill up his leg from a speech given by Barack Obama. However, this […]