‘I am big. It’s the media that got small.’ Andrea Mitchell channels Norma Desmond

Sissy Willis sisu 6/20/2012


“A horse got me out of bed … and living life,” Ann Romney told the Ocala Star-Banner recently, referring to how horseback riding, and specifically the art of dressage, has helped her overcome some of the debilitating symptoms of MS. “Horses are great teachers. Horses are great companions. They […]

To the Olympics for Ann Romney

Rosslyn Smith American Thinker 6/19/2012

Ann Romney’s dressage horse Rafalca won a place on the 2012 US Olympic Team this weekend.

Rafalca, the 15-year-old Oldenburg mare co-owned by Mrs. Romney, won a spot on the Olympic dressage team, along with trainer Jan Ebeling. The U.S. Equestrian Federation made the official announcement naming the Olympic […]

How Democratic women really feel about stay-at-home Moms

Democratic operative criticizes Ann Romney for having ‘never worked a day in her life’

Josh Romney posted [on Twitter] that his mother “is one of the smartest, hardest working woman I know. Could have done anything with her life, chose to raise me.”

Rick Moran American Thinker 4/12/2012

Dem strategist […]