‘Shameful': George Will disinvited from speaking at Scripps College

Twitchy 10/6/2014

American academia in a nutshell. One school invites a murderer who killed a Philadelphia police officer to address a commencement ceremony and to the left it’s a great victory for freedom of speech. Another invites a well respected conservative columnist but he’s disinvited because of something he wrote in one of his columns.


Obscure College Invites Convicted COP KILLER As Commencement Speaker

Eric Owens The Daily Caller 10/1/2014

Goddard College has tabbed convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver a fall commencement address.

Abu-Jamal, who shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981, will speak at the tiny, ultra-liberal enclave in in rural Vermont on Sunday, Oct. 5.

The one-time Black Panther Party member also […]

Bill Ayers bizarrely explains how to ‘teach freedom’ in new ‘Socialist USA’ book

Kyle Olson EAGnews.org 2/14/2014

A new book offers a full-throated plan for a socialist United States, and wouldn’t you know domestic terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers is right in the middle of it.

The book, “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA,” is published by the capitalists at HarperCollins.

Among the contributors are leftist luminaries like convicted […]

This isn’t our country anymore-Dinesh D’Souza, James O’Keefe and the 2014 Communist Manifesto

Jennifer Davis Victory Girls 1/25/2014

Many mornings I sit down with my coffee and my breakfast, and like large numbers of Americans, my iPhone, and review the headlines on a favorite news site. My personal favorite happens to be the Drudge Report, and this morning I found a bevy of depressing headlines awaiting me when […]

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt

This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.


J. Christian Adams FrontPage Magazine 1/21/2014

In the Spring of 2011, National Security Council staffer Samantha Power sent emails to top Pentagon officials. Her emails contained GPS coordinates in Libya. She demanded that the Pentagon launch immediate air strikes on top of these coordinates, no […]

Van Jones (Sorta) Walks Back His Weird, Fact-Free Attack on ‘So-Called Libertarians’

Mike Riggs Reason Magazine 4/10/2012

Last we heard from Van Jones, President Obama’s former Green Jobs czar, he was trashing “so-called libertarians” for hating brown folks, gays, lesbians, immigrants and people with piercings. Called on it during an appearance on RT’s The Alyona Show (where—full disclosure!—Reason’s myriad personalities regularly opine), Jones modified his statement:

“Well, […]