American Official Warns That Qaddafi May Lash Out With New Terrorist Attacks

Eric Schmitt The New York Times 3/18/2011

The United States is bracing for possible Libyan-backed terrorist attacks, President Obama’s top counterterrorism official said on Friday.

The official, John O. Brennan, said that the military attacks on civilians ordered in recent days by Libya’s leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, coupled with his track record as a sponsor […]

Libya: SAS ready to seize Col. Gaddafi’s stores of mustard gas

British special forces are poised to seize caches of mustard gas and other potential chemical weapons being stored by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in the Libyan desert.

Robert Winnett and Holly Watt The Telegraph [UK] 02 March 2011

American sources have disclosed that the SAS is likely to be called upon to secure up to […]