GOP to Sen. McCaskill on TSA complaints: ‘Welcome to the real world’

Keith Laing The Hill 11/10/2011

Republicans vying to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in 2012 are mocking her complaints this week about airport security screenings, saying she’s just now experiencing the humiliations of air travel because she no longer owns a private jet.

McCaskill (D-Mo.), who sold a private plane she owned with her husband […]

TSA backscatter radiation safety tests were rigged

Mike Adams NaturalNews 5/17/2011

It can now be revealed by NaturalNews that the TSA faked its safety data on its X-ray airport scanners in order to deceive the public about the safety of such devices.

As evidenced by recent events in Washington, we now live in an age where the federal government simply fakes whatever […]

Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening

Byron York Washington Examiner 11/15/2010

Did you know that the nation’s airports are not required to have Transportation Security Administration screeners checking passengers at security checkpoints? The 2001 law creating the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of private screeners after a two-year period. Now, with the […]

‘Naked scanners’: Lobbyists join the war on terror

Timothy P. Carney Washington Examiner 11/12/2010

The degradations of passing through full-body scanners that provide naked pictures of you to Transportation Security Administration agents may not mean that the terrorists have won — but they do mark victories for a few politically connected high-tech companies and their revolving-door lobbyists.

Many experts and critics suspect that […]